I Don't Have A Gym Membership

Last week I shot some ads with a couple bodybuilders, and man was it a blast. It was our third shoot together over the past year and a half or so, and every time we just...kinda get to play. You might not guess it, but you couldn't ask for better collaborators. They're always energetic, funny, and game for anything, and perhaps best of all, they just don't take themselves too seriously. It makes for a fun day of shooting. So big thanks to Ron and Gabe for being reliably great in front of the camera, Sam for the fun concepts and choosing me to shoot them, Patty for her crazy good food skills, Jenny for her makeup magic, and Josh for being an ever-reliable facilitator. I can't share the images from the shoot yet, but here's some silliness we found time for:

Family photo.  Clockwise from top left: Gabe, Josh, Ron, Sam, Jenny, Patty, and yours truly.

You might be wondering if they're that huge or if I'm that small.  Answer's yes.

There may be two of them holding me up in this photo, but it really would have only required one of those four arms.